Solomon SoulCare offers whole-life coaching for individuals who desire to grow in any or all areas of life. Whole-life coaching examines a person holistically considering physicality, spirituality, relational dynamics, roles, responsibilities, and resources then tailors personalized advice to employ as you grow in whatever area of life you desire. Executives and business owners can utilize whole-life coaching to address business questions, including but not limited to, business ethics, staff issues, team dynamics, 360 leadership assessments, etc.

Dr. Solomon has a unique background of military service, federal government employment, and ministry experience in church, parachurch, and academic settings. His diverse background provided Dr. Solomon the opportunity to engage with and minister to leaders and public figures – including legislators, pastors, parachurch ministry leaders, elite athletes, and other prominent figures. Because of his personal and ministry experiences, he understands the unique challenges facing leaders and those in the public eye. He offers wisdom and advice grounded in biblical truth, confidential, and personally tailored to meet your needs and advance your goals. Coaching sessions are 1.5 hours each and can be scheduled weekly, every other week, or once a month depending on your desire. Meetings are typically conducted via Zoom meetings but can be scheduled in-person.