God used the Solomons, His Word, and Biblical counseling to completely change my heart and my life. I strongly recommend any and everyone also allow God to work through His Word and the counsel of the Solomons to change your heart and life.



All of us need help at various times in our lives. The optimal place for each of us to get care for our souls is in the local church, but not every church provides biblical soul care. Solomon SoulCare desires to work with individuals and local churches to provide transformational counseling grounded in the truths of God’s Word to people in need. Dr. Solomon meets with individuals and a counseling ally (a spiritual mentor from his or her local church) in-person or online for personalized care. These 75 minute sessions offer deep hope, healing, encouragement, and guidance from God’s Word. Including counseling allies in the process provides opportunities for churches to be further equipped while individuals grow to be more like Christ. Initial sessions are typically two hours. Cost: Initial session-$200, regular sessions $150.

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In addition to individual counseling, Solomon SoulCare offers marriage counseling for couples who need help or guidance in their marriage, as well as premarital counseling for couples preparing for married life. Couples will bring an ally couple (a spiritually mature couple from their local church) to each counseling session. Sessions are conducted in-person or online.


Reclamation Weekend: A marriage retreat for couples seeking to reclaim their marriages for God after porn. Dr. and Mrs. Solomon host a small group of couples in an intimate setting to provide hope that God can reclaim any marriage from the horrors of pornography. The retreats are based on the material in their forthcoming books. These all-inclusive weekend retreats offer times of instruction and reflection, as well as fun activities. Each event takes place in a beautiful location amidst quality dining and amenities.


Conflict can arise in all our relationships including the relationships between coworkers. While many organizations have policies and procedures in place to pursue mediation or legal recourse in case of conflict, many of those policies and procedures do not take into consideration the spiritual element of conflict nor do they incorporate divine wisdom offered in the Bible. Solomon SoulCare provides conciliation services to Christian business owners who desire to see conflict resolved in a way that pursues God’s glory and personal growth of the parties involved.